The taste is strong
and its memory will last
On the flanks of the golden mountain, under the light of a full moon, the taste of our shine was born out of a blend of secret ingredients known only to the moonshiners of the golden mountain.
Golden Mountain moonshine:
the flavors
Each Golden Mountain flavor is the result of a long and intense testing period to ensure the quality of our shine. The different flavors of the Golden Mountain moonshine are based on an old recipe enriched with carefully selected herbs and botanicals.
Standard edition
Sweet with soft touches of orange blossom, ginger and lime.
A classic moonshine with a herbal gin-like touch that will fire up every cocktail.
Drink it as a shot, in a glass with ice or mix it with your favorite drink
Our famous
Bartenders and cocktail masters from all over the world present their favorite golden mountain signature cocktails. You can find a selection of these in our recipe database:
Golden Mountain Mule
5cl Golden Mountain Golden Shine
15cl ginger ale
Squeeze half a lemon and finish off with
some fresh mint leaves and a lime wheel
Mix in a copper mug over ice
Golden Mountain D-lux
3cl Golden Mountain, half a lemon, a drop of syrup,
well-chilled sparkling wine or Lux.
Shake the Golden Mountain moonshine, the lemon juice
and some syrup over ice.
Strain into champagne flute.
Top with well-chilled Lux.
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